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Like many Indian girls around the world; I love to dress up in suits, saris, and lenghas.  Whenever I went into a store I could never find exactly what I wanted and had more fun shopping in a fabric store.  My design experience started in 2015 when I created different looks for my sister's wedding. I started TAZIN because I just want to create unique pieces for every body shape that will bring confidence and joy to anyone who adorns them



It's simple!

Explore our website and keep in mind that each piece is customizable.   Book a consultation and we will  create something special just for you!

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The largest protest in the world's history is going on right now in India. 

India's farmers are protesting three farm bills that will dramatically impact their livelihoods.  These bills will only stand to serve big corporations.  As a grand-daughter, daughter and wife of a Punjabi farmer this hits close to home.

To learn more and donate to organizations standing on the frontlines of Delhi with the farmers, click on the link below. 

Kisan Ekta Zindabad!